2nd segment of book III –

One week prior…

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Johnstown, Illinois
Roy Lee White

It was impossibly warm and sunny for the first of November wedding.  It was also my birthday which I thought fortuitous since it would make missing the anniversary nearly impossible in the coming years.  Since my lovely bride was an ex-CIA agent, international spy and a deadly shot with any handgun known to man, forgetting the date might actually prove fatal. Read more

Prologue and a segment of First Chapter of Deputy III (Red at Night)

Prologue 5000BC Solar System – Asteroid Belt

Lyn Gneld was out of options.  His ship’s core power was exhausted.  Due to a plasma breach he had been forced to eject the anti-matter pod.  The fusion drives that had kept the environmental systems alive were overheating due to most of the coolant gasses gases being lost in the disaster.  He knew he had less than an hour to make a decision. Read more